Monday, September 19, 2011

What? I thought you were going separate ways!

It's true -- Amy is NALC and Pamela is ELCA. We are not naive about what that means.

It is true that there is now another dividing line in the Lutheran expression of the church. However, that doesn't mean that conversation needs to stop, especially when it comes to looking at how God is constantly calling us into the unknown, promising to be with us as we respond to that call.

Whenever we are focusing upon the truth that God is always forming and directing us about how to engage in mission, we can engage in appreciative conversation. God loves each of us beyond our ability to understand. Christ lived, died and rose so that the whole world would know Oneness in Christ.

We are committed to conversation about the many and varied ways that God moves in our midst, every single day. We want to be intentional and regular as we look at the pulses and movements of ministry and ask: What is God up to? What does this mean?

Stay tuned for how this plays out as we dialogue back and forth, disciple to disciple, spiritual director to pastor, friend to friend, children of God.  

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